Rapport om europeisk insolvenslovgivning

Er insolvenslovgivningen i de ulike europeiske land til hinder for restrukturering og nyetableringer av konkurstruede virksomheter ? Medfører konkursinstituttet et sosialt stigma for personer som har forsøkt å etablere virksomheter og ikke lykkes ? Dette er to hovedproblemstillinger i en rapport laget av en europeisk ekspertgruppe innenfor insolvensrett. Rapporten er laget på oppdrag fra EU-kommisjonen, og drøfter interessante problemstillinger i tilknytning til de makroøkonomiske virkninger av ulik insolvenslovgivning. Vi gir deg et sammendrag med lenke videre til rapporten i fulltekst.

Best project on Restructuring, Bankruptcy and a Fresh Start – Expert group's final report Enterprise Europe, Brussels, 27 October 2003 – The Final report of the Best project on Restructuring, Bankruptcy and a Fresh Start has been posted on the Enterprise DG web pages. This report, by experts from EU Member States, Norway and the EU accession countries, assesses the extent to which national bankruptcy laws act as a deterrent to business survival and a fresh start and also the effects of social stigma on the potential of entrepreneurs who have tried and failed to try again. Key findings range from the usefulness of external advice in preventing bankruptcy, through the importance of up-to-date and predictable insolvency law in encouraging settlements, to the importance of clearly distinguishing between fraudulent and non-fraudulent bankruptcies so as to improve the success rate of fresh starts. It is hoped that the report will impart fresh impetus to bankruptcy law reform across Europe. Bankruptcy laws have recently been reformed in the UK, Spain and Norway. A review of the bankruptcy legislation is under way in Finland, whilst Italy and Portugal have initiated proceedings to revise their insolvency laws. The report provides indicators, benchmarks and good practice examples of: -early warning mechanisms for foundering businesses, -legal systems and insolvency procedures, -fresh starts, and -social attitudes towards business failure. The Best project was a response to the European Charter for Small Enterprises, which notes that ‘some failure is concomitant with responsible initiative and risk-taking and must be mainly envisaged as a learning opportunity’ and calls for an assessment of national bankruptcy laws in the light of good practice. Inngangsportal til hele rapporten finner du her.

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